Communion and Car Trouble

It was lovely to have the Edwards and Dawn back with us from holiday as well as Danny and Mulligan back from the father and son camp.  Not only that, but it was great to see Simon, Patricia & Emma down here all the way from Aylesbury!

Sadly, Leon and Sarah's car broke down as they were on the road to church. Not only were we feeling for them, their children and their car, but we also had a slight concern considering that they had the communion supplies! Thankfully, Barry and Kate were able to go to the rescue, make sure they were okay, and pick up the communion materials.

The good news is that nothing was seriously wrong with the car, and all the family were fine. 

Let's hope we don't have any similar trials for this week's service on Sunday. We'll be looking at the parable of the sower from Luke 8, and enjoying lunch afterwards.  Somehow, talking about sowing, farming, reaping and then eating together seems very appropriate!