The message in the mist

Last Sunday saw Osagie preach his very first sermon in Watford. Thanks so much for serving us in that way. The audio and video will be up on the website soon.

This Wednesday 6 April, the men of the Watford church and their friends will be looking at the passage from Luke chapter 7 verse 18 to 23, where John the Baptist seems to have some doubts about whether Jesus really is the Messiah. His vision has become clouded, misty, a little confused. That can happen to any of us. Why not come and join us as we talk about this, and let's see if we can shine some light on the subject, and dispel the mist.

The meeting begins at 7:30 PM, at my house. Give me a call if you want more details, (07973) 491021, or email me

God bless, Malcolm