Church lunch

As we always do on the last Sunday of every month, we will be having lunch together at church this week.  Appropriately, the sermon includes a reference to a wedding banquet. No one is getting married as far as I am aware, but hopefully we will have the same sense of celebration as we feast together. Perhaps Penny will bring some more of her home-grown lettuce!

The women are meeting on Wednesday this week. The following Wednesday is the fifth Wednesday of the month, and consequently they will be no midweek meeting.  

I'm delighted to confirm that both Stefan Wolmerans and Andrew Agerbak have agreed to come and be visiting speakers for us between now and the end of the year. I will let you know when the specific dates are clear. 

An important date for your diary is 18 September. That will be our special 'forest' service organized by Joe, up at Ashridge. More details soon. 

See you on Sunday if not before.