Who Does Jesus Save?

As we saw on Sunday, according to Luke 17.11-19 Jesus saves the desperate, the obedient and the grateful. Fortunately we are all able to imitate the Samaritan leper and see Jesus do his work in us as he did in that man's life.

Talking of humility (which embraces all three of the qualities above) this was illustrated beautifully by the story of 92-year-old Syd who was baptised into Christ last Tuesday. Having survived Dunkirk and a serous injury during 'Operation Market Garden' he finally found what he was looking for. We praise God and join in the angelic celebrations!

This week the men meet on Wednesday at Osagie's place (Dan running the meeting), and Sunday we are at Logan Hall for the bi-monthly all-London service, 10.30am. We'll be back at Laurance Haines school as usual on Sunday 26th February when Charl will be preaching on Luke 17.20-37. Being the last Sunday in the month we'll be having lunch together too.

See you soon and God bless,