The Dannatts are Descending

This Sunday we're lucky to have Tim & Shevvy Dannatt with us. They minister to the Thames Valley churches of Christ and are old friends of mine. Indeed, Tim was in Christ before me and attended my baptism in 1984. His lesson at his previous visit last year was well received, so we are very grateful to him for coming all the way to Watford to speak again this Sunday. Please make him and Shevvy very welcome in my absence. 

I request prayers as I attend the UK/Ireland/Scandinavian/Nordics staff retreat in Helsinki this weekend. Please petition God that I will come back with ideas that can help us as a congregation to be the best we can be for God. 

The following Sunday (21 May) is a London-wide service. The following week (28 May) we are back in the school for "Science Sunday". Experiments and fun for all!  That will be a 'lunch' Sunday too, so please bring food along too.

God bless,