Super Science Sunday

‘Science’ service

“Thank-you” to Dawn for her hard work and creativity in designing and executing the ‘science’ service this last Sunday.

The video is here: on the Watford YouTube channel.


Sundays will be at Laurence Haines School,  10.30am as usual.

The teaching and preaching focus for this month will take us into Luke chapter 20.  As well as Malcolm speaking today, Leon will be preaching his first Watford sermon next week!

Other Events

25 June - Church service & picnic on Dunstable Downs: Whipsnade Road, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, LU6 2GY (Sat Nav: use LU6 2GY, or LU6 2TA for older equipment)

We’re taking the church to a special place called the Dunstable Downs. 

At a scenic spot we’ll sing, pray and take communion. Afterwards we will have a picnic lunch together. Please bring appropriate food. If you wish, you can buy lunch at the venue. Click here for details: or look up “Dunstable Downs” and the National Trust. It’s a brilliant place for flying kites, so bring one if you can. 

Last time I was there the car park machine was out of order, but there may be a charge.

If you’re going to have difficulty in getting to the venue, or need advice about routes, please speak to me as I know the place well and have been there many times.

23 July - Bandstand service in Cassiobury Park (with the North West region of the London church)

The next ‘London’ service is on 16 July

Watford church podcast

At long last we have our sermon podcast feed up and running! Special thanks to Leon for the artwork. This means you can subscribe to the sermons and automatically download them to your smartphone, computer or other device. You can also tell your friends so they can listen too.  If you are serving in children’s ministry, on holiday or ill, you never need miss a sermon again!

How do you get these gems? Go to iTunes, search for “Watford church of Christ” and you should see the picture illustrated here. Click “subscribe” and you’ll have access to the already 47 episodes. Forthcoming sermons, communion talks, testimonies and the like should be automatically updated. 

This also works with Google Play. Let me know if you have any difficulties with the feed.  Technology, eh?!


Special Contribution

It’s our privilege and tradition to take a special collection annually to support the mission work in the Indian subcontinent as well as within these islands. This year there is a slight change to some of the allocation of the funds, which is explained below in the announcement from the leadership team of the London church. The collection will be taken in June this year.

“In June 2017 the London Church will be taking a Special Contribution to further the work of expanding God’s Kingdom.

This will primarily be for the UK & Ireland Missions Fund to continue supporting the employment of staff in the Belfast, Leicester and Glasgow Churches, and since last year’s collection, in the Edinburgh and Dublin Churches too.

 £46,000 will go to the South Asian Missions Society to support our sister churches in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

 £32,000 will be set aside for the future hiring of young ministry interns in the London Church.”

Here are the details as to how to contribute:

  • Cash - using the provided pre-printed envelopes that Bronwen has
  • Cheques - payable to “ICC Missions”
  • Online - via  and selecting the “Missions” option

If you have any questions about this collection, please speak to me. 

God bless, Malcolm