Church Events 2018


All dates are, to some degree, provisional. So don’t be surprised if they get changed! 


14th - Laurance Haines school - Malcolm speaking on Acts 8.9-25
21st - Laurance Haines school: parenting workshop with Tim, Shevvy & Ben Dannatt
26th - NW teen girl sleepover
27th - NW teen devotional
28th - Stefan Wolmerans visiting speaker. Lunch after church. 


4th - Laurance Haines school. Tunde speaking.
10th - NW teen devotional
11th - Remembrance Sunday at Laurance Haines school: Malcolm speaking. Special communion presentation by Martin Doe visiting from Harrow.

17th - NW teen boys activity: go-karting, £15 per person 

18th - Laurance Haines school: Ben Dannatt our visiting speaker
24th - NW teen filmfest
25th - Laurance Haines school. Lunch after church. Malcolm speaking. 


2nd - Laurance Haines school. Special collection for HOPE. Leon preaching.
9th - London service at Logan Hall & church-wide teen devotional 

16th - Laurance Haines school. Nativity service. Malcolm speaking.
22nd - NW teen secret Santa party
23rd - Laurance Haines school. Carol service.
30th - House church followed by church party and games.

North West church teen devotionals: 

  • Most meetings at Kerry & Ama’s home: 13 Lime Close, Harrow, HA3 7JG 

  • Teen Disciple girls will meet first Sunday of every month